A letter to Me

Dear Me… Pre-kids, well rested Me,

I know it doesn’t really matter what I write here- you’ll probably skim over a lot of the advice, thinking you’ll master motherhood with a few months of practice. I know you’re not being cocky, it’s just you’ve not really been in a situation before that couldn’t be overcome with a strategy, hard work and perseverance, so why would you think any differently? I just wanted to tell you a few things to try to ease the stress and self-doubt that will become pretty relentless companions over the next few years. Oh, how I truly wish you could hear me.
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For the Love of a Buggy

There are some days that are a bit tricky. There are some that are downright difficult. And then there are days like yesterday which become the stuff of legend because of their utter ridiculousness. All I needed to do was go 45 minutes down the road and pick up a buggy I’d bought on gumtree. To make it a bit more fun (and create the opportunity for a Continue reading